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PODCAST ‚From rags to riches‘

Two weeks ago we started a new project in our English class with our teacher, Anna. The goal was to make an entertaining podcast in which we talk about someone famous that has made it from rags to riches. In our group Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, was the one who first springed to mind. We were keen on finding out more about him. Therefore we began to look for information in order to start collecting various ideas regarding the structure and the execution of it.

At the end our effort payed off, we were very happy with the result and really enjoyed the process.

Overall, we found the project very absorbing and enriching as it gave us the opportunity to improve our English in an entertaining way and to get to know different people that have worked very hard to get to where they are.

We hope you enjoy listening to it!

Lorena, Néstor and Daniel from the 10c